Accessing the service

It’s easy to get started

Your first step

You can call us direct on 0300 300 1554, or complete a simple online form on this website. Or if you prefer, you can speak to your GP who will refer you to us.

What happens next?

You will be offered a telephone appointment with one of our therapists, at a time convenient for you. This normally happens within two weeks of your first contact with us.

During the telephone appointment we will find out more about you, and discuss which therapy may be most effective. If you are in agreement with the therapist regarding the recommended therapy, the therapist who will be working with you will contact you directly to offer you an appointment.

When will my therapy begin?

You could begin your therapy within four weeks.

How long will it take?

Our one-to-one and group therapy sessions vary in length, and range from one session a week for 6 weeks, to one session a week for up to 20 weeks.

Your presenting difficulties will influence the length of your therapy, which your therapist will discuss with you at the start of your treatment.

Where are the sessions held?

Our appointments are at flexible times and convenient locations – in GP practices and NHS buildings across Waltham Forest.


“I’ve accomplished methods to cope with my anxiety and depression, it’s been a very positive experience”

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