Local case study

Daniel’s experience in his own words

Daniel, 36, Chingford


Waking up dreading each day

I called Waltham Forest Talking Therapies IAPT because I was feeling persistently low often, anxious and dreading each day ahead. I had been experiencing huge changes in my workplace with increasing demands and staff cut-backs. This made me anxious about making mistakes at work, but I had no choice but to lower standards in order to meet the increasing demands. I’d often find myself waking up early in the morning full of fear, I had to do something about the way I felt.

Asking for help was the best thing I did

The first person I spoke to on the phone from the service made me feel encouraged that I was doing the right thing, any hesitation I had towards getting help soon disappeared.

During my initial telephone session, the therapist and I decided that some work with the Low Intensity team using guided self-help materials to work on the low mood and anxiety was the best place to start for me.

The face-to-face sessions began with learning some simple breathing exercises and ways of calming down throughout the day. Work was prioritised and concerns and worries set aside on a list to be looked at and worked through at set times of the day.

The sessions moved on to work on skills of assertiveness to be able to speak clearly to my colleagues about workloads and where necessary allow some pieces of work to be prioritised over others.

Now the future looks positive

Over the weeks and months my mood improved, even my colleagues noticed a change for the better. I was able to put in place my new skills such as worrying less about perfection at work, and being less self-critical.

The effort from the skilled, professional, supportive and approachable staff has been a relief. More people in Waltham Forest need to know that our local NHS provides such an invaluable and high quality service that seems to be able to fit and adapt so well in meeting people’s particular needs.

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